Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Training has begun!

Sorry for the long absence... again.
Last week I signed up to the Cardiff half marathon on October 6th 2013. I know that seems like a long way away but due to the shocking state of my fitness I feel like I'm going to need every second of the 8 months I have to train.
Yesterday was my first outdoor run... ever. And when I say run, I use the term loosely.
According to my Nike+ running app I managed 4.42km in 33.01 minutes. This is not good.
My plan for the next 8 months is to dramatically increase my fitness and turn into a running goddess who finds the 13.1 miles involved in a half marathon a doddle. I actually had a dream last night that I came first and got a special medal. I can dream though right?
I just really wanna do well. I'm quite a competitive person and not performing to the top of my ability does not bode well for me. Another reason I'm so keen to get stuck in is that I'm raising money for Breast Cancer Care (if you'd like to sponsor me please click here), as my mum has suffered from breast cancer twice, and is due to go in for a third operation to fix some complications that occurred last time she was ill.
On the whole I do feel like my training has gotten off to a good start. As well as raising money and boosting my fitness I hope to see a significant change in my body also, as I definitely feel like I've let my figure go slightly over the past couple of years. After weighing on Monday I'm under 10 stone for the first time in 2 years which is just fantastic to see results so quickly! I have been doing some light weight training as well in the hope that I'll be looking like a beach babe with a six pack in the near future... we'll see.
At the moment I'm hobbling around the house in agony as my body just isn't used to actually moving so much throughout the day. I just had to slide down the bannister while dragging my feeble limbs behind me as the stairs were just too much.
Anyway wish me luck with my training! I will try and keep my activities posted here, at the very least it will give me some motivation to continue :)


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