Tuesday, 25 September 2012

So I did a little shopping...

So my student loan came in, and much to the dismay of the government and my parents, instead of spending it on books and stationary (which I've already bought) I decided to spend it on clothes. Whatever, I need to look good to go to uni, right? Here's what I bought:
H&M, £19.99
River Island, £40 (these actually look SO much nicer without the tops rolled down!)

Topshop, £45
I also got looooads of lovely soft knitwear from Primark but unfortunately they don't have a website so I can't show you :( but these were the main bulk of my trip and I absolutely LOVE them all. Can't wait for it to get a bit colder so I can start layering up and getting cosy in my new knitwear!
Thanks guys! :D
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Friday, 21 September 2012

My Summer, In a Nutshell

So as you can see I haven't exactly been that active on here over the summer, so I suppose I should offer some sort of explanation. I can put this mainly down to working ridiculous amounts of overtime other than my regular weekend shift, and being otherwise generally lazy. Butttt, I did go on 2 pretty awesome holidays too :)

My boyfriend's sister got married in August on the beautiful Greek island of Rhodes, in a tiny little chapel at St Paul's Bay. It was absolutely gorgeous (although I think I lost a good percentage of my body weight through sweating), and everyone who attended had a fabulous day. I had the honour of doing a reading during the ceremony and also being the witness and signing the wedding register.
The reception was held in a 5 star hotel up the coast which we reached by boat. The food was amazing, feta with sesame seeds to start, followed by slow roasted lamb and strawberry panacotta.  Of course I couldn't quite resist when the veil was doing the rounds...

To top things off, on the way home everyone got a free bottle of champers and a box of Thorntons. What more could a girl ask for?
(FYI, drinking a bottle of champagne to yourself at high altitudes results in considerably tipsiness).
And then we saw Alice Cooper, looking rather worse for wear, on our way out of Birmingham airport. Cool right?

Holiday number 2 has considerably less photos, but was amazing none the less. I flew out alone to Palma airport due to work, and met my family over there, in a quirky little 3 bedroom townhouse in Palmanova, Majorca. It was lovely but very odd, it kinda felt like I had pushed the owners out of their house for a week, as it was full of personal portraits and family heirlooms. It was charming, to say the least.

By far my favourite day of the whole holiday was the day trip to Palma. Not only is it a breathtakingly beautiful city, with the old castle and traditional architecture, there is just something about it that feel so... chic. The shopping was fantastic to start with. It holds the best Zara store I have ever been in. Not the biggest, but I felt the clothes were a lot more luxe and just generally nicer than in the stores in the UK. Everything about it was just so pretty, I didn't even care about the Louis Vitton staff giving me the "you can't afford anything in here" stare. We also visited the market, which was full of the bright colours and hustle and bustle that I've come to expect of these foreign food markets. You just don't get that kind of enthusiasm about food in the UK. The fruit and vegetables are all too uniform in shape and drab in colour. My local market boasts about 5 customers a day and smells like dog food. It's just not the same.

Another highlight of the trip (well, sort of) was the ridiculous thunderstorm we had the day before we left. One minute it was 30 degrees plus, everyone sunbathing topless on the beach, the next minute thunder was rattling the building and I couldn't see two meters out of the window because the rain was coming down so hard. It was very shocking and kinda exciting. And I was just really glad to be indoors once I saw a group of girls scurrying past absolutely drenched to the skin. But then, a huge rainbow erupted and there was calm :)
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WIN £100 ASOS giftcard with Unidays

Unidays are currently doing a Facebook competition to win a £100 gift voucher for ASOS! :)

To enter head to their Facebook page and follow the instructions :) Yay!

I am loving Unidays lately. Not only do they take away the need for entering your NUS card number every time you shop, but it's also available to students who's universities aren't members of NUS. They're adding more and more partners and increased discounts every day at the moment so I'd sign up quickly if I were you!
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Having a minor crisis here

I am all of a sudden getting all panicky about my future and what career prospects are ahead of me.
This has all be triggered by a recent blow to my boyfriend's life- getting made redundant. It's been so hard helping him to job hunt and I can just tell it's really getting him down and I can't help but freak out a little and think 'Ahh! I don't want this to happen to me when I come out of uni!'. I'd always just kinda presumed I'd walk out of university with a first straight into some £70k a year investment banking job, but obviously life is never that kind.
I'm currently doing an economics degree in Cardiff university, so if I come out with good grades I guess my prospects look good enough. But what scares me is the fact that there are so many people who are bigger and better than me doing the exact same thing. There is just SO much competition. I need something to help me stand out from the rest, but what? Learn a new language? Do a bunch of courses? Try and get an internship? Of course in a perfect world I'd do all of the above, but my unfortunate geographical location, along with the fact that there is neither enough time nor money in my week, is holding me back.
I somehow need to secure some relevant work experience, but living in a city which has 50% of its shop windows boarded up, while the other 50% consists of charity shops and betting shops is rather easier said that done.
Another spanner in the works is the fact that I have absolutely no idea what career path I want to go down. It's gonna be pretty tricky to find work experience when I've no bloody clue where to look.
So here I am, trawling Google, waiting for some perfect opportunity to slap me in the face and not feeling particularly successful.
Well if anyone could give me a hand and suggest any economics/finance/banking related opportunities for undergraduates during the holidays in the South Wales area that would be fantastic.
Don't worry, I won't hold my breath.
I suppose I'd better get writing some begging letters!
Bye all :)
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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Shopping cravings

So I've been working a HELL of a lot lately and so at the end of the month I'm expecting a rather tasty pay slip!
First thing I'm going to do is head to Cardiff to buy everything I see and eat something greasy and expensive. I may not be able to carry it all, like seriously, there's going to be a lot.
I plan on doing some sort of haul post/video so stay tuned for that, it'll be a big one.

Here's a few things I plan on picking up...
Miss Selfridge, £39

Miss Selfridge, £52

Topshop, £32

River Island, £100

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