Friday, 15 June 2012

Body Shop Product Review

So I have been obsessing over the Body Shop lately. They really have some gorgeous products, they smell amazing, contain natural ingredients and come from a company who are very dedicated to making sure their products are environmentally friendly, are never tested on animals and are fair trade.
So of course I just had to have a little splurge on their website, which was helped along considerably by a 40% off code that I got through their email newsletter (enter SHOP40 in the promotional code box at the checkout if you want to take advantage of this too) meaning I got quite a few lovely bargains! There is more to be had at the moment as their 50% sale starts today too :)

Mango Lip Butter, £4

First thing I have to say about this is that it smells AMAZING! It has a very strong mango scent and tastes pretty good on your lips too, it took all my willpower not to just lick it off every time I applied it. Like I just want to spread it on toast and eat it, so good.
One thing I would say is that due to the quite small pot I sometimes found it a little difficult to get out, and its quite firm so you need to warm it up a bit if you want to get a decent amount on your lips. Other than that though I really like this product, it doesn't feel greasy on your lips and makes them feel lovely and soft and moisturised afterwards.
I was making my way through this but then I lost it on a night out :( weep! Will definitely be purchasing another one though, I may even sample a different flavour this time.

Macadamia Straightening Balm, £7

This product is for reducing frizz when straightening and provides a little heat protection too. One thing I really love about this is the smell, its not too strong but really does smell gorgeous when you're running it through your hair.
As my hair is getting really long now, I do suffer a little from a slightly frizziness on the ends of my hair due to them becoming a bit fly-away and split. This product helped a little with this, smoothing them out, and any heat protection is a bonus as I often blow dry and straighten my hair.
I can't particularly comment on if this product would be good for making the straightening process for curly hair easier as my hair is pretty straight as it is, but according to the reviews on the Body Shop site it does help, leaving it straighter for longer.
I don't personally think I would buy this balm again as apart from the smell I thought it was fairly average and the same effect could be achieved for a lower price. Again, I can't comment on the performance on curly hair but I think it would be more impressive than what I experienced.

Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream, £10

 I bought this product because I was really impressed with the Vitamin E cleanser and Vitamin E toner I received as a gift a few Christmases ago and thought I'd try out some other products from the range.
It has a lovely delicate scent that I usually associate with baby stuff, its nice and fresh and not too harsh for my sensitive skin. The cream itself is very rich and thick which is perfect for a night cream as you can let it soak in while you sleep. You really only need a tiny amount so I think the tub is going to last me ages which is great.
The first time I applied it, the next day I had turned out a bit spotty which I thought may be due to the richness of the cream so the next night I put on a lighter layer and I haven't had the same problem since.
Overall I am very impressed with this cream, especially as I tend to have very dry skin, it has really helped with the dry patches around my mouth and has made it lovely and soft. Would buy again!

Vitamin E Eye Cream, £9.50

I suffer from milia (otherwise known as milk spots) around my eye area and all my research to the cause of them has led to mainly the fact that I use the same cream I use on my face around my eye area too. Apparently face cream can be too rich and thick for the delicate eye skin causing protein build up around the area. So I purchased this cream to go with my night cream and I actually really like it.
At first I was a little disappointed when I opened the package as the tube was really small. Upon using it however I've realised that you really do just need the tiniest bit to give nice even coverage around your eyes and so even the small tube will last a long time. It is nice and light and gives a nice fresh feeling to the area upon application. It did sting slightly the first time I applied it but since then I haven't felt that at all. You apply once in the morning and once before bed, and I find it makes a nice base for my eye makeup also.
It has the same fresh scent as the night cream and has left my eye area lovely and soft and moisturised, especially as I sometimes suffer from dry skin here.
Another great product, would definitely buy again!

Peppermint Intensive Foot Rescue, £9

I have gross feet. Like seriously, my boyfriend goes mad if I put them anywhere near him. My mum's are the same, we both suffer with really dry cracked heels, maybe it's hereditary? I don't know, anyway I thought this cream would be a help. It has actually done pretty well so far. It has a lovely thick, rich consistency and a quite strong pepperminty scent. What I have been doing is slathering my feet in it and then putting on a pair of cotton socks and going to bed. When I wake up I have lovely smooth feet which smell sweet too! While I think this cream is a great short term remedy to my cracked heel problem, after a few days they just go back to normal and I have to start slathering again. So yeah I think I'd buy it again, I plan on using it every day to get beach worthy feet for my holidays!

Extra Virgin Minerals™ Loose Powder Foundation, £15

Being quite pale with fairly sensitive skin I often find liquid foundations far too heavy for me and sit on top of my skin and look very visible so I tend to stick with powders to just give my skin a bit of a glow.
This foundation did exactly what I wanted it to. The coverage isn't brilliant but I didn't want it to be, it just evens out my skin tone nicely and gives me a bit of colour while ensuring my face stays matte and non-greasy. I really liked this, and, especially with my voucher, the price wasn't too bad either. The mineral formulation was an added bonus, as when I wear makeup I like to feel like my skin can breathe, and this was not too heavy. In fact it didn't feel like I was wearing makeup at all.
Only downside is that the pot is quite small and I've noticed I have been using more of it than other powders I've had recently so I'm not sure how long it will last.
All in all, a very good purchase, I would buy it again!

Vitamin C Microdermabrasion, £12

I loooove this! As I often get dry skin on my face I have to make sure I exfoliate regularly to make sure I don't get flaky and dull. This is quite rough but I like that, it has a lot of little beads in it to really give your face a good scrub. Probably wouldn't be ideal for those with very sensitive skin as I guess it could be quite harsh but I like it, the roughness makes me feel like its doing its job properly. You only need a tiny bit so it will go pretty far too. It says on the back that it recommends you only use it twice a week otherwise I presume it would make your face a bit sore, but I've been using it every other day since I bought it. It makes my skin lovely and smooth after use, and unlike a lot of other facial exfoliators, doesn't dry out my skin or make it feel tight after use.
Would definitely buy again, one of the best facial scrubs I have used.


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