Thursday, 7 June 2012

I need a camera

Browsing through all the wonderful blogs I subscribe to, I have come to the conclusion that there is something missing from my life: a DSLR camera. I think one will have to be my next big purchase. Eventhough I don't currently take that many artistic photos, I think this is mainly due to the fact I tried but they just looked beyond crap on my middle-of-the-road digital number.
Of course, the thing that is holding me back at the moment is the weep-worthy price that my 16 hours a week at a DIY shop wage isn't quite going to stretch to. I may have to beg or steal... or maybe sell my body or something. Although I'd probably end up in debt.
So I plan on saving up so I can share some lovely photos of my antics to share with you all :)
I would appreciate some advice though, being new to the world of photography I'm not 100% on the kind of equipment I should get for my beginner requirements... So ya let me know :)
Thanks guys!


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